Apart from being a choicely home for the immigrants worldwide, Dubai is also recognized as a top holiday destination for tourists all over the globe. The city is a sophisticated blend of the natural and artificial destinations that make it a prominent pick for the world tourists.

So, what the city offers you? Well, it offers you ample; ranging from modern architectural splendor, jaw dropping scenery, luxurious hotels, and heart throbbing activities. And if you think that this is all, then rise to reality; because the Emirati food is not to be missed at any cost.

Let’s take a virtual tour of the desert city that would give a fair idea for setting up an itinerary for a vacation in Dubai.




Dubai City Tour

Dubai city is a modern city which is planned in all respects. There are several buildings, theme parks, malls, markets, hotels, resorts, and restaurants that make Dubai every traveler’s choice; especially the ones who want to feel comfort and class simultaneously. With this information in hand, let’s spot some of the most visited places in the bustling city of Dubai.
These places have been shortlisted based on varied preferences of people such as visiting stylish locales to enjoying adventure and so on.

Desert Safari, Dubai

Dunes are like desert hills that captivate the senses. The tested way to enjoy these dunes is a desert safari Dubai. The safari rides are conducted in different times of a day; each engaging into a unique experience. The scenic excellence, activities, Arab hospitality, dance, recreation, food, everything is irresistible.

The Burj Al Arab

It is the most talked about landmark in Dubai. So, the catch point of this marvel is, it is Dubai’s only 7-star hotel, located on an artificial island. The gigantic building is pristine white during the day, complementing its backdrop of sea and sand, and post evening it showcases a rich range of colored lights. And the underwater restaurant is yet another reason which makes the hotel a must visit.
Once you view this place, the very nature and beauty of this monument is sure to leave you awe struck. The amazing architectural wonder is spell bounding in more than one way. Once in Dubai, don’t give this hotel a miss, or you will leave this city feeling lost of sorts.

Palm Jumeirah

Depicting the shape of a palm tree, Palm Jumeirah is a gorgeous archipelagos in the Gulf waters. It is the first of its kind man made islands and also houses the 5-star hotel “Atlantis the Palm.” This is a hotel that consists of two towers, joined elegantly by an arched tower.

Burj Khalifa

If skyscrapers impress you, open your senses to this massive building, the tallest in Dubai, and rated as one of the tallest buildings in the world. It lends a spectacular observatory and presents stunning views of the city. This place is a must visit for the people who love beautiful monuments. Moreover, if you can afford to stay here, then this place is a wonder that can allow you to enjoy luxury at its best.


Around Dubai City

The city of Dubai unfolds a range of marvels before you that depict Dubai’s beauty at its best.

Harbour of Fujairah

(170 km from Dubai)
Unlike the busy city of Dubai, the emirate of Fujairah is a recluse of the sorts that makes your stay leisurely. The Fujairah Fort was brought to dust owing to the British attack. But, of late, the stone structure has been restored to its previous glory.
The vicinity of the fort is also now a part of the acclaimed Heritage Village which displays the art and lifestyle of the farmers and inhabitants of the past. Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah speaks pompously about the grandeur of the place. It is lavish, posh, grand, and splendid haven for the worshipers. There are a series of other unseen wonders which a curious traveler would fondly explore.


Dibba, Fujairah

Located close to Fujairah is Dibba which is known mainly for its ancient roots. The place was discovered and inhabited by man long before the advancement of Islam in the area.
Needless to mention that Dibba is not only a popular choice for its scenic extravaganza, but also for a past that interests historians and history buffs who tend to know places much beyond their beauty and deeper into their history.


Hajar Mountains

The next spot close to the Dubai city is the Hajar Mountain Range that stands tall and overlooks the massive desert sweep all round it. These mountains are majestic and are house to a geographical terrain that is quite unlikely in a desert.
This is the haven for Nature lovers and adventure lovers alike. Trekking, hiking, mountaineering; all appeal to the masses. There is also a village near these mountains which is no less famous.
The best way to divert yourself from packed schedules and tough deadlines is to traverse in search of tranquility. This can be achieved quite aptly if you decide to travel on vacations with friends of family member. The year 2016 is already on and that long planned travel plan is definitely pending.
This year, seek your peace of mind from the mega city, Dubai. The city is sure to provide everyone with memories that will be imbibed in your minds forever. With connectivity to Dubai never an issue from any part of the world, reaching here will never be a concern.

Dhow Cruise

For those who love the very idea of boat rides, your search gets over when you are in Dubai. Here there are two main options for that ultimate boating experience. One is the dhow cruise near the creek, the other is dhow cruise marina. However, the spots are different for each of them. Creek gives you old Dubai. Marina gives you a fascinating view of the new developments in new Dubai.
So when you embark on Dhow cruise, you get to witness the best of both worlds. One thing is for sure, this cruise will leave loads of memories with you forever.


Dubai, being one of the top tourist destinations, welcomes millions of travelers from every corner of the world each year. Though the city has hundreds of must see attractions for its visitors, no one really wants to leave this place without a day in unending golden sands. Yes, the desert safari in Dubai of course.

Why Overnight Desert Safari
Desert safari is one of the most loved adventures among tourists coming to Dubai. The most thrilling part of the safari is dune bashing but it’s not only limited to it. Other highlights of the safari include sand skiing, quad biking, hot air ballooning, falcon safari, and camel riding. However, if you choose the desert safari in Dubai for an overnight stay, the list of activities is almost unending. To suit your vacation plan, you can either pick an early morning safari option or an evening safari. However, if you can spend a whole night in the desert to experience the best of Dubai desert and indulge in the typical Bedouin lifestyle, an overnight desert safari in Dubai is what you should choose! Have you ever dream of camping in the middle of the desert? Nothing can match the experience of a night under the stars, in the serenity of golden deserts. It introduces you to the perfect desert culture and lifestyle.

The overnight desert safari Dubai starts just like ordinary safari tours in the evening but instead of coming back to the bustling city after the tour, you’ll stay at the desert campsite. There’s a dramatic difference between the huddled city and calm deserts, and you’ll realize it at the very moment you enter the campsite. Staying under dazzling stars gives you a breathtakingly peaceful feel and a completely laid-back experience that you can’t even imagine during daily life hustles. As per your fancy, you can simply choose to stay under the stars or in one of the traditional Bedouin houses in the campsite. Enjoy sound sleep in excellent quality sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets only to wake up to a luscious Arabian breakfast the next morning.
An overnight safari is nothing but the heritage tour to Dubai, as it was 50-60 years ago. Take a step back in time and cherish unforgettable times of your life. The best experience in desert is to listen to the sounds of night and sands. You can spend the best of your family time sitting beside a bonfire, chatting and clicking photographs together.

What to Expect Once You Book an Overnight Safari Tour

Sitting in the magnificent 4×4 land rover, bashing within sand dunes couldn’t get more thrilling. A trained driver takes you around in the desert and offers an adventurous experience like never before. After that, you can go for a quad bike ride to try your individual adventurous instinct. Sand skiing is another exciting activity that tourists love to try their hand at. Even if you fall while skiing, super soft sands catch you instantly and it becomes even more interesting. Some travelers also choose the hot air balloon ride during the sunset. Yes, hot air ballooning can really be an extremely romantic activity in the deserts – just the two of you, watching the sun gradually drop under the horizon while falcons soar all around you! Camel riding, a truly Arabian trail through deserts that offers you the much needed peace, is probably the most favorite desert activity of tourists. A camel headed by a professional Bedouin slowly takes you to the campsite. The traditional Bedouin camp is lit with hundreds of traditional lamps giving off gentle soothing flames.
Now let’s see what all you’ll get to watch, do, and experience during the entire overnight desert safari in Dubai.
Let’s go one by one from the beginning.
• Pick-up from your residence or hotel in Dubai
• Adventurous dune driving
• Desert dune bashing
• Quad biking (optional)
• Hot air ballooning (optional)
• Sand boarding (optional)
• Wildlife safari drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (optional)
• Falcon demonstration/safari and photography (at extra cost)
• Sunset photography
• Shisha/ ‘Hubbly Bubbly’ facility for smoking/hookah (especially apple hookah)
• Camel riding
• Photography in traditional Arabic costumes
• Unlimited water, tea, coffee, and soft drinks
• Scrumptious Emirati veg/non-veg BBQ dinner buffet from five star quality caterers – Welcome drink, soup, appetizers, salad, main course, barbeque
• Artistic show by professional artists – belly dance, Tanoura show, Arabic Folklore, Gulf dance
• Henna tattooing
• Arabic dates tasting
• Arabic bread making and Arabic coffee making demonstrations
• Alcoholic beverages (at extra cost)
• Separate Toilet facilities for men and women
• Bonfire
• Overnight tea and coffee arrangement
• Next morning breakfast – Arabic coffee, Arabic bread (Rgaag), sweet noodles (Balaleet), and Arabic pancakes (Chbaab)
• A question and answer session with a local Bedouin
• Drop back to your residence or hotel in Dubai

The best advantage of choosing an overnight tour is that you don’t need to tolerate the heat during daytime. It sometimes becomes too inconvenient for travelers to continue the adventure tour in scorching heat. An overnight tour on the other hand is too convenient and lets you enjoy every moment of the safari to the core. You just need to leave yourself to a skilled, professional driver and ride astonishing sand dunes in the desert. Moreover, an overnight tour permits you to try any activities that you wish to, without any time constraint. You can also buy a few souvenirs at the campsite including personalized sand bottles with your names. You can also get your photographs clicked by professional photographers at the campsite.
Overnight desert safaris are indeed a lot of fun and it’s totally worth dedicating a whole evening and night in Dubai. Are you ready to extend the best of your Middle East heritage experience with a fabulous desert safari? Get in touch with us now for the best desert safari of your life!

Come a few weeks before February 14, 2016, many couples would be wondering what would be the perfect gift they can give to their respective valentines. So if you are in the same shoes, and are still wondering how to make it special for your valentine this Valentine’s Day. We have something in the store for you, which could turn out to be one of the most cherished moments in your life. So whether you are planning to propose to someone or trying to spend some priceless moments with your loved one, the Dubai Dhow Cruise would be an ideal experience for you and your valentine this Valentine’s Day.

Drinks in Party
Drinks in Party

So if Dubai is on your cards to be destination this Valentine’s day. You definitely cannot miss this wonderful experience of cruising down the Dubai shores. The illuminating lights accompanied with Tanoura dance shows and music along with a BBQ buffet dinner and a drink provide a perfect ambiance for romance. You can be very sure that your valentine would love this experience. The mesmerizing scenery of the creek will definitely raise some eyebrows. And this wonderful experience will take you to a new high when you would be dancing to the sweet melodies. Apart from that, the delicious BBQ dinner is definitely going to revitalize your taste buds. The refreshing breeze from the still waters just adds to the matchless experience you are bound to witness. There are several tour packages available with the price of each package varying as per the inclusions and amenities provided. But you can be sure that this would be a novel experience of spending Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

In general, every Dhow cruise should include:

  • Welcome drinks along with unlimited refreshments e.g. Juice, soft drinks, water, tea, and coffee.
  • BBQ dinner for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
  • An open-air upper deck and a fully air-conditioned lower deck
  • 2 hour cruising on the Dubai Dhow Cruise
  • Washroom and green room facilities for both men and women
  • Smoking facilities on the upper deck
  • Medical emergencies kit, fire safety, and life jackets

Some cruises even provide return transfers to/from any apartment/hotel in Dubai. The luxury cruises, which operate from Dubai and Abu Dhabi; provide all unique services to cater to both individualistic as well as group requirements. Every detail is taken care of the passenger so that they enjoy this wonderful experience with their loved ones. The Government for their safety standards approves the Dhow boats and insures the ones, which are operational. Some of these Dhow boats also have the license to sell alcoholic beverages on board.

Valentine Dinner
Valentine Dinner

The dhow cruise is generally a three deck wooden boat. The upper deck has covered as well as open sections, and the middle decks are generally air-conditioned. The view from each deck is simply amazing and provides an unmatched experience to those who are onboard to spend their valentine’s day in the perfect way. The dazzling wooden flooring combined with the wonderful woodwork on the Dhow provides an overwhelming experience. The wooden boat sailing in the still waters adds to the glimmer of the romantic environment. With your eyes set on your valentine, you are bound to enjoy this beautiful romantic cruise under the beautiful moonlight and the stars. The Dubai and the Arabic Gulf serves as a perfect backdrop to your romantic surrounding. You can feel the music in each other’s hearts and with love in the air. The sound of still water flowing nearby adds a mesmerizing effect to ears. These priceless moments over a candlelit dinner with your valentine is a perfect photo capture moment with couples drowning in each other eyes. The environment is a perfect scenario for these romantic moments, and several couples are a part of this mini-celebration. You have several options to choose from with each boat offering different inclusions and the packages on offer differ based on their capacity. This provides a reposed and restful ambiance. The capacity of the boat varies from 40 to 220 people on the upper deck and 40 to 250 people on the main deck. The traditional wooden dhow size varies from 61 feet to 115 feet. The boat has facilities for a sit-down dinner as well as a cocktail reception for informal as well as for corporate gatherings.

Tanura Dance
Tanura Dance

You can definitely savor the wonderful and delicious barbecue dinner. The kebabs and the grills are sure to entice your taste buds. You can revitalize and treat your senses with the wonderful offerings on the plate. The international buffet offers a wonderful Arab cuisine for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The elegant atmosphere provides you the perfect setting for you to enjoy your delicious buffet. The famous Egyptian dance, which includes the popular Tanoura dance and the entertaining horse dance, adds to the checklist of few memorable moments in your romantic journey. You are in for a treat as these traditional dances would definitely bring a smile on several faces, and couples would definitely love watching this unique experience.

Each Dhow adds a special flavor to your romantic memories. The entire journey spanning 2-3 hours gives you an amazing view of the two big commercial cities while moving on these waters. The background provides a fantastic scenic beauty and this would definitely be cherished for a long time. So you can just want to relax and be laid back to enjoy this wonderful romantic journey with your valentine. Such quiet romantic moments are very rare to be found in today busy lives. So, irrespective whether you want to savor the delicious barbecue dinner under the moonlight or enjoy some priceless moments with your valentine. So if you are looking for a perfect ambiance for your valentine, Dubai Dhow cruise should tick all the requirements to be your perfect destination this valentine.

Once you have finalized on your dream cruise. Newcomers would be in for a big surprise and it would be a daunting task in order to ensure that one has a memorable ride. Following are the cruising tips passengers should keep in mind if they are embarking on a new journey.

Choosing the right travel agent

Travel Deal
Travel Deal

Being a first-time cruiser, you are bound to go by the packages offered by a travel agent. It is essential that your travel agent specializes in cruising; otherwise, they may not be able to provide you with the right cruise package to suit your needs. Also, a good travel agent ensures that your entire cruise journey is smooth and without any hassle. In the case of any issue, they should be able to resolve your issues and help you enjoy your cruise.

Picking the right cruise line or ship and the itinerary

Picking the right cruise line or ship and the itinerary
Picking the right cruise line or ship and the itinerary

Every cruise has something special and distinct on offer in terms of vibe, ambience, facilities, etc. Also, if one is travelling with your family, several cruises cater to special requirements for kids and elders. Also, while selecting an exotic voyage, one need to understand the inclusions in the package and depending on one’s requirement, accordingly the cruise should be selected. Many cruise lines offer specialty restaurants, and if you are a foodie, looking for a cruise line which offers you your favorite cuisine would be one of the factors which can help you to enjoy your cruise. Do research online, and talk to people before finalizing the cruise. Cruise lines do not allow passengers to board the ship in the middle of the journey, so make sure you are selecting the starting port when deciding on your destination.

Scheduling Flights

Scheduling Flights
Scheduling Flights

You will need to book your own modes of transportation either by flight or drive till the port. All expenses for the same needs to borne by the passenger themselves. Always keep buffer time to adjust flight delays or any transportation glitches on your way to the port. You will need adequate time to check-in to your cruise including verifying cruise documents and other clearances. Keep the cruise updated about your developments in the case of any delay which cannot be resolved. All cruises have an emergency toll-free number for contacting the cabin crew on the day of travel.

Cruise Documents

Documents Required
Documents Required

Ensure that all your bags and luggage are tagged which were sent to you either through the mail or an email. Filling up boarding forms prior to your departure would save you adequate time to move through these processes faster. Also, one may require a visa or passport for travel; you will need to enquire for the same. The cruise line has the right to deny you boarding if the required documents are not present.

Getting to the pier


You are permitted to book round trip transfers to and from the airport and pier from most of the cruise lines. They need to be booked minimum 2 weeks in advance. One needs to ensure that our baggage has to be checked directly through to the ship or whether one needs to claim them as baggage claim. There are also porters available at the port that helps passengers check in their luggage.

Sports gear and baby equipment

Water Sports Equipment
Water Sports Equipment

If you are sports lover, do check if your cruise provides the same. Also, if you are travelling with your kid, several cruises offer baby strollers and bouncer seats at a rental. Do compare the cruise’s the rental charges and rates to decide whether it is worthwhile to carry your own equipment for the same.

Alcohol policy

Alcohol Policy
Alcohol Policy

Several cruise lines have different policies regarding the amount of alcohol which can be carried onboard. Mostly many cruises allow at least a 750ml bottle onboard. Do check out the ship’s alcohol policy before boarding your B.Y.O.B cruise lines.

Booking the right cabin

Cruise Interior
Cruise Interior

All cabins on a cruise are not the same. There are several options to choose from. Cabins differ with respect to the amenities, views, and ambience. Also, the facilities in the cruise are located close to some rooms. Also, if you are prone to seasickness, and don’t have prior experience in travelling through rough waters, it is advisable to book a cabin in the midship, on a low deck.

Electrical equipment

Television in Cruise Room
Television in Cruise Room

Many staterooms are included with standard 110 volt AC electrical outlets or a European 220-volt plug and hard dryers. Don’t forget to check you ship specifications for the need of an adapter or a converter. Most of the staterooms come with television facilities.

Cruise Baggage inclusions

Cruise Baggage
Cruise Baggage

A cruise ship receives several pieces of luggage at the time of boarding, and there could be a possibility that you may not receive your baggage even after a few hours after you have boarded. Keep your essentials and necessities along with you to ensure you are not sitting ideal till your baggage arrives.



Several cruise lines offer all-inclusive fares, but they charge extra bucks for your drinks, spa services, and other facilities. For simplifying the payment procedure, passengers receive a swipe card upon check-in for utilizing the same for charging various products and services to your account which is expected to be settled at the end of their trip with cash or a credit card. Some ships also have onboard ATM counters or even offer cash traveler’s checks at the purser’s desks. The most common currency widely accepted is US dollars. You can also exchange your currency at the cruise exchange service counter. Do remember to inform your bank of your travel abroad in order to avoid any hassle while making payments.

Medical aid

Medical Aids
Medical Aids

Most of the cruise lines offer medical services which consist of a physician and a nurse to take care of medical emergencies like temporary illness, motion sickness, and accidents, etc. for free. You can also use your health insurance by paying before you debark and submit their respective claims once you return. But do carry emergency first aid kits, as they are generally cheaper and effective. If you are prescribed to some medicines, do carry a copy of your prescription to ensure that you are given the right medicine. Pregnant women are not allowed to travel post 4-5 months of pregnancy. A fitness letter from your doctor is mandatory in such cases. Also special diet requirements should also be intimated to your cruise line 4-6 weeks in advance to accommodate your request.

Phone and network connectivity

Group With Phone
Group With Phone

Many staterooms offer phone facilities for ship-to-shore calls, but the charges are generally very costly. Do check out the cruise line’s policies, accessibility and roaming charges before you depart. The majority of the cruise lines are fully equipped with the Wi-Fi facility, but there could be additional charges for the same. Some of the mobile network operators offer cheaper roaming charges than even your cruise’s satellite phone charges. With you are travelling with a large group or your family, keeping a walkie talkie would be helpful in connecting and also monitoring your beloved ones on the ship.


Washers in Cruise
Washers in Cruise

Dry cleaning and laundry services are available in your staterooms in the majority of the cruise lines. Several cruises offer self-service laundry rooms along with coin-operated washers and dryers. Many cruise lines also have a self-service area where they permit their passengers with irons and an ironing board.

Safety drills

Many cruise lines have made safety drills mandatory for all passengers and these are practiced just before the cruising journey kicks off. These drills help you handle an emergency situation such as wearing life jackets and assembling in assigned areas.

Interact with the crew

The ship officers and the crew travel on a daily basis, and can enlighten you with the much-needed facts to ensure a smooth and enjoyable cruise. Interact with the cabin crew and officers whenever you get time. They would also have a lot in store to share regarding their personal experiences of travelling to various places. Also, don’t forget to check out the ship’s newsletter, they have a detailed summary of all the inclusions offered in your cruising journey.

Our week-long holiday in Dubai was nothing short of exciting. Dubai is an extraordinary place, and a visit to this Emirates city would prove it. Wherever we looked, we found something that is unique or one-of-a-kind. Be it the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Islands, the Dubai Mall or the tall skyscrapers on Sheikh Zayed Road, everything about Dubai amazed us. The desert safari tour was also a memorable trip. But what really stands out as the best in our entire holiday is having dinner on the floating restaurant on dhow cruise.
On the last evening of our trip, we booked a dhow cruise on the Dubai Creek. While Dubai has some of the best sit-down and gourmet restaurants all over the city, there is nothing that beats the experience and the ambience of a dhow cruise. The dhow cruise is a double-decker boat that was used for transporting goods in the past by the Arabs. It is an important part of Dubai’s history and so is the Dubai Creek.
The Creek divides Dubai into two, one side being Bur Dubai and the other being Deira. It is on the Creek where the Arabs first settled in Dubai. Today, both sides of the Creek house some of the most iconic buildings of the city and at the same times preserves few things from the past too. We got a chance to view the beautiful monuments and buildings along the Dubai Creek while we sailed on the floating restaurant.
The floating restaurant was decorated with lights, and this definitely enhanced the ambience as well as the beauty of the boat. The lower deck was fully air-conditioned while the upper deck was open-air. Luckily, we got to sit on the upper deck where we enjoyed the gentle breeze along with the beautiful sights of the vibrantly-lit city.
From the moment we stepped into the dhow, the staff took great efforts to make us feel comfortable. They welcomed us with a refreshing welcome drink. The soulful music played on the boat enhanced the mood quite well. As the dhow set to sail, we enjoyed the beautiful sights of the city.
While we enjoyed our welcome drinks, dinner was announced by the staff. Dinner was a delicious buffet spread with the choicest dishes. We enjoyed the juiciest kebabs and some mouth watering dishes of Arabic and international cuisines. The hummus, the pita bread, the chicken curry and all the other dishes were excellent. The meal was one of the best we had during our Dubai holidays.
Although the dinner in the floating restaurant was super delicious, this was not the only best thing about our dhow cruise tour. The Tanura dance performance meant for our entertainment was equally amazing. The Tanura dance really enthralled us with his grace, ability and performance. We enjoyed this dance performance while having a cup of the yummy Arabic coffee.
Our Dubai trip was a memorable one but what really stands out in the entire trip was the dinner at the floating restaurant. It was a great finale for our Dubai trip. It helped us to unwind and relax after the days filled with sightseeing, adventure activities and shopping. We returned from Dubai with warm memories of the evening.