Most Romantic Places in Dubai to Propose (Burj to Beaches)

Couple proposing in Dubai Miracle Garden
Wanting to ask the question of lifetime to your love? Finding that dream-like, romantic place is the key step to start your fairytale! So, if you are lost in the middle of discovering the right destination for proposal, we have got you covered. Choose whether you want to keep it memorable with the at the top Burj Khalifa propose in Dubai or go classic with beach proposal. Congratulations on meeting the love of your life, but are you freaking that you aren’t prepared for the big day? Proposing is a lot of pressure- in the mid of expecting them to say yes, you have to recognise that perfect timing to pop the question and find that breathtaking location which brings joy of tears to their eyes. Blind folding your partner, taking them to a beautiful set up, sitting down on your knees and asking them to be yours sound pure quintessential.

Why not try something out of the ordinary?

Imagine you and your partner flying high (some 4,000 feet) on the hot air balloon amidst the open, red striking sky with a neat flow of breeze and you take out the ring box, isn’t it breathtaking? This is just the trailer. After all, everything is possible in Dubai. Sunset views, silky beaches and iconic buildings- Dubai loves to treat the couples! We surely don’t want you to look back and regret, “Had I gone insane to propose her the old school way when I could blow magic in the amazing spots around Dubai?” And so, keeping aside all the typical cliches like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a trip to Venice in Italy, here we have compiled the exceptionally fabulous places in Dubai to spellbind your partner in love with you and make the perfect moment to ask her, “Will you marry me?” Discover the best collection from restaurants to beaches and from budget to blowout in Dubai-

1.Take romance to luxury heights : Dhow Cruise Dubai

This luxurious cruise features private deck for the couple to spend the precious quality time. While the Dhow  cruise sails on the glittering sea around the applauding landscape of Dubai, and its grand skyscraper, there is a lavish dining facility. Plus there are live entertainers that serenade the duo. Everything seems more beautiful when a soothing song plays in the backdrop and this is the classic moment to take the knees and pop the question.

2.A treat for all the adventurous couples : Overnight Desert Safari

Propose on Overnight Desert Safari
Propose on Overnight Desert Safari
When you both are some kind of adrenaline junkies, this is the go to plan. Starting off with a crazy desert safari and ending on a happy note in a night beneath the stars, overnight desert safari is the ultimate trip to buy. You can turn the eve private by hiring the safari all to yourself to snap a dramatic landscape with picturesque sunset views on the majestic desert. Later you reach a Bedouin camp that sets live entertainment, musical atmosphere and a little picnic with candles, blankets and roses. A secluded dinner for two accompanied under the billion star-studded sky will make for a great backdrop to you getting down on one knee.

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3.Say her ‘I Love you’ from top of the world : Burj Khalifa Proposal

How could you not list the record-breaking tower? Whether you’ve been in a long term relationship or is it a fresh dating to someone, Burj Khalifa is the perfect plan to go down on knee and say what you feel to the person you love. Standing at the top of Burj Khalifa to propose in Dubai (opened 148th floor), with the magnificent fountains in the background, served with opulent dinner style, it’s a priceless destination to expect a yes from her.  

4.Cheers to the magical proposal : Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain Proposal
Dubai Fountain Proposal (Source)
Offering gleamer, dance and fun, the Dubai Fountain proposal is a captivating blend of music, love and light. Hire a boat and through the Burj lake you can witness this mesmerising fountain just near you. While the world’s largest choreographed fountain sways, plummets and rises on a range of melodious music and she is in complete amazement, go down on your knees and make her believe you are the one.

5.For a peaceful nature respite : Dubai Miracle Garden

Here is to say I love you and ask her for a lifetime bond with not just one bouquet but a gazillion of them. Stroll with your lover in the garden of gorgeous range of different colourful and blissful flowers all around. What makes the Dubai miracle garden propose special is the heart shaped & flower-jewelled archway. And we would suggest hire a photographer because the place is worth capturing the moment.  

6.Take her to the ultimate escape : Dubai Yacht

Propose on yacht
Propose on yacht
Among the plenty of choices, you can rent a deluxe yacht for proposal in Dubai which is super private and customized. You can ask the team to decorate the area with rose petals, wine glasses and the red box. Glide along the Dubai marina and head to the Palm in the shimmering ocean and blue atmosphere with love talks. Wait for the sunset that brings the glamour to the atmosphere and then open the box to ask her whether she wants to be yours forever.

7.Propose like the movies : Dubai Beaches

Couple proposing on the beachCouple proposing on the beach
Couple proposing on the beach
If the sound of oceans, private time and starry sky are some of the things she admires, then beach proposal in Dubai sounds ideal and classic. There’s something magnetising about the Dubai beaches-clean, beautiful and serene. Reserve a set up on the beach with a long stretch of carpet of rose petals leading to illuminated decoration of dinner on the table. Let her go aww with every step she takes on the carpet with wonderful surprises. As you go down on the knees and make her your queen forever, set the mood right, either call the kids with a banner “Will you marry me” or ask a violinist to play the romantic track for you.

8.Define romance with sophistication : Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world, and there are great deals of 5-star restaurants. From stunning oasis-like restaurant Palm Avenue to opulent glass surrounded Mint Leaf of London, Dubai has no shortage of romantic go to eateries.
Propose on a romantic dinner in dubai
Propose on a romantic dinner in Dubai

Here are few restaurants to propose in Dubai

  • Pier Chic
  • The Shore
  • Iris
  • Level 43 Sky Lounge
  • Tomo-Raffles Dubai
  • Kris with a View
  • The Beach House Anantara
  • Ossiano
Some have the feel of air, some remains underwater, some floats on the river and while some have classic views. These places cast a magical spell while you both enjoy the culinary tour. And the best quality is such places never fail to impress the beau.

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