What is a Dhow Cruise and How Much Do They Cost

Dubai owns a shimmering skyline. And one of the fancy ways to marvel at them is the dhow cruise Dubai. Find out the details here. Dubai is a masterpiece. It has got the spark of a true tourist place which holds the entertainment quotient at the top. It is a city of gastronomy and is also a melting pot of culture. It imbibes the old Arabian culture and also paints the city with cosmopolitan trends. It has mind-blowing architecture and also has glamorous waterways. Binding all the factors into one tight package is the Dhow Cruise Dubai. Branched into two kinds, Dhow Cruise Marina and Dhow Cruise Creek both are unique in its own places.

1.What is dhow?

The traditional selling vessel which once played a crucial role in boosting Dubai’s economy through mandate trade is the dhow cruise. Today, you see transformed and modernised restaurants floating on the river, decorated with lights and styled in vintage. Formerly, in the pre-oil period, this was a part of the pearl farming and fishing in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. They have been brought through generations and constructed in a very manual way, which makes it an exclusive tour. A dhow is divided into two floors. The lower one is the air-conditioned deck that has window glasses and the travellers can sit in luxury glancing at the royal outlook. Or hop on to the upper deck which is open-air and more intimate to the world around. It has a capacity of 200 guests. dhow-cruise

2.Why you should choose the dhow cruise?

Firstly, it is an off-road activity and somewhere we all are excited to be a part of something ‘not ordinary’. It is a beautiful composition of a cruise made out of woods in this such a technologically advanced era. Also, after a long day, shopping around, playing games and going on crazy rides, let the city pamper you in peace. Experience the unmatched hospitality (of what Dubai is famous for) accompanied by enchanting sightseeing. This activity is more like leisure to shed off the stress and end the day on a relaxing note. It was never easy to throw a romantic surprise or celebration before! dubai-dhow-cruise-creek

3.What is the price of a dhow cruise in Dubai?

Dhow cruises are very famous and the price varies according to what kind you select. From royal dhow cruise to half-day dhow cruise, the choices have varying itineraries. There are several other options like birthday celebration on a dhow, or the dhow cruise from Sharjah, of Iftaar Party at Dhow Creek. tanoura-show

Dhow Cruise Itinerary

Dhow usually begins the engine on the time, it can be minutely affected due to weather and in the month of Ramadan. So, reach on the schedule and settle down at your preferred deck.
  • You are bestowed with welcome drinks, coffee, tea, dates and more.
  • As the ship sails, the buffet opens for the people to give a treat to the taste buds. The top chefs prepare the meal and you get customised options of delicacies. It is a 3-course meal cooked under the 5-star hotel standards. To make it an extravaganza affair, you can devour in both the food and views at the comfort of the table, either in the air-conditioned indoor setting or the rooftop dining.
  • While sailing, different old-styled and revolutionary structures deck the fringes of Creek and Marina respectively.
  • Since now you are impressed by the architectural feat of Dubai, it is time to unfold the art side. Spending a few hours on the cruise is full of surprises and entertainment. Revel in the live events of Tanoura, magic show and puppet show. There are also a couple of traditional singing galas that will add to the moment as the smell of spices waft by from the spice souk, or the poised Burj Al Arab makes your jaw drop.

4.Types of Dhow Cruise in Dubai

1.Dubai Cruise Creek

Duration: 2 hours Starting Time : 18:15 Creek has its own charm. Tucked in the old part of Dubai, the region offers you a spectacle of what the emirate looked in the ancient years. The bustling old areas of Deira and Bur Dubai that wings out on either side of the creek are speckled with ancient monuments and shopping areas. There are several very well-preserved heritage buildings that will turn your head again and again. As you reach the location, the river lining the creek is an attractive spot in itself. The dhow manages to leave the first-timers awe-struck and gasped. Set in the boat and as it sails, the chapters of history start unfurling. Some landmarks include-
  • Dubai National Bank
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce
  • Gold & Spice Souks
  • Grand Mosque
  • Old Boat Fort
  • Sheikh Saeed’s house
  • Sheikh Rashid’s birthplace
  • Al Diwan
  • Heritage Village

2.Dubai Cruise Marina

Duration: 3 hours Starting Time : 19:15 Dubai Marina is a posh area and an authentic replication of the innovation and prosperity that the city boasts. Dotted with upscale restaurants, lavish malls, ingenious architecture, high-end apartments, mega-resorts and other luxurious facilities, it is one hell of a tourist place. And the best way to discover everything there is to reserve your dhow cruise in Marina. It is magical in the night and promises to leave a strong impact on your vacation diary. In a Venice-like canal, with an incredible milieu, the dhow leaves the dock from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club. The major places that you get a look through, are-
  • Dubai Marina Residences
  • Villas of the Palm
  • Multiple 5-star hotels
  • Cyan Towers
  • Atlantis Hotel
  • Burj Al Arab Hotel
  • Rolex Twin Towers
  • Dubai Marina Mall
  • Bridges
  • Beach resorts

5.Dhow Cruise Creek Vs Dhow Cruise Marina

It is evident that the Creek is delightful yet has limited attractions on display while Marina is on roll for two miles from the start to the end. It is breathtaking and lets you see the real, present and futuristic Dubai. The ambience is different, on one side where the Creek has the hustle and bustle of ports and trams, the Marina is laid-back, full of fun and enjoyment. Needless to say, the Marina is expensive to that of the Creek. It’s time to select your dhow cruise and unwind in style.

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