Things to do in Dubai Marina

The heart of Dubai beats through towering architecture, upscale malls, high-class apartments, blue beaches, attractive waterfronts, high-plain desert and cultural dynamism. The one-stop destination to measure these factors is the Dubai Marina. With its unparalleled luxury, range of activities from cruising to skydiving, and strategic location, the region is a must place to visit, either you are in the emirate for a 10-hour layout or spending an entire vacation. This is a manmade canal city, which is influenced and inspired by the Concord Pacific Place of Vancouver, and boasts a highly coveted lifestyle. Built along the Persian Gulf coast, it stretches to two miles and once the development is complete, it will accommodate more than 120,000 people in residential towers and villas. Here are the best activities to do that will give you the real essence of Dubai Marina-

1.Have a romantic dinner on Dhow Cruise Marina

dhow-cruise-marina Carved out of the traditional boats (dhow), this modern restaurant floating on the waterbody is awe-inspiring. Dhow Cruise Marina features two floors, the lower deck is modern glass covered houseboat, while the upper deck lets you breathe in the open air. Both decks offer breathtaking views of the environment and you will come across the brilliant towers and structures of Dubai Marina, including Dubai Marina residences, Villas of the Palm, Burj Al Arab Hotel, Cyan Towers, and multiple 5-star hotels, beaches and more. You are greeted with welcome drinks and dates. As you are unfolding the luxuries of the Marina one by one, you are served the international buffet with a variety of cuisine and refreshments coupled with live entertainment.

2.Ride on the RIB Speedboat

What amazing way to explore the Marina neighbourhood than the speedboat! The yacht club from where the boat starts is lined with beautiful yachts. It is a 90-minute fun-filled and action-packed sightseeing tour with an expert commentary that would enlighten you with the jaw-dropping Dubai Marina skyline. Dotted with high-rise, super-tall, uniquely-designed buildings, be ready to be surprised with the excellent views from the Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis The Palm to villas and palaces. Get your camera out of the bag to snap the Instagrammable pictures.

3.Shop at Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall is a leisure and all-in-one shopping mall. Its waterfront location, high-end brand stores, numerous food outlets, and entertainment zones will keep you busy for a long time. Across four levels of the structure, you will find 130 outlets, and premium chain stores like Tommy Hilfiger, Nine West and Cos, Giordano, Miss Selfridge and many more. It is called the perfect family destination for its six-screen Reel Cinemas, a wide array of restaurants from Japenese to Continental, and kids will love Gymboree, Mamas & Papas, Mothercare, Adams Kids, Destination Maternity and Early Learning Centre.

4.Stroll on the Dubai Marina Walk

One of the other ways to admire the glory of Dubai Marina is to spend time at Marina Walk. The 7 km long pedestrian will take your entire day as the pathway is lined by 305 outlets, 69 restaurants and some outstanding architectures of the world. The Jumeirah Beach offers scenic views against the Arabian Gulf. The weekends then see the public shows and events of which you can have the firsthand experience. Later visit the Covent Garden Market for shopping the latest fashion trends, handmade jewellery and artisan-created souvenirs. At night, the opulence of the city is accentuated by the illumination.

5.Enjoy the adventurous sports

Forget simply strolling or swimming in Dubai Marina, but there are also adventurous sports that would challenge your guts. Here are the highlights-
  • The longest urban zip line in 2017 was opened in the Marina and there was no stopping from then. The daring travellers from different corners of the world flocked to experience this. At 170m, it connects one of the JBR’s Amwaj Towers to the waterway of Marina Mall and runs at 80kms/hr.
  • Not for the faint-hearted, skydiving over Palm Jumeirah is exceptional. You get to free fall from the top that rushes your adrenaline.
  • Get drench in the JBR beach with jet skiing and flyboarding.
  • Go cycling through pavement and tacks, or Street Workout Park.

6.Dine with a view at top restaurants

Amongst many luxurious buildings are the alfresco dining options, there are cafes with delicious gourmet dishes, rooftop dining with fresh air and panoramic views, and casual outlets for weekend hangouts. The dishes are like heaven in your mouth, such as lamb ribs, bread pudding, Pita Falafel, Paneer Naan, Butter Chicken, Choco Banana and more. To satiate your hunger pangs, the best picks of restaurants are Pier 7, Bateel Cafe, Simon Rimmer, Brothaus Bakery, Operation Falafel and Kebab Grill 44.

7.Party at Zero Gravity Club

Dubai is par belief, and Zero Gravity is following its foot trails. It is the place with high spirits and zeal. It is the ultimate spot for couples, youngsters and clubbers who want to gather and chill, slurp drinks, gobble multi-cuisine, swim in the pools, sunbathe at the beach, and laze at the lounges.

8.Unwind at a spa

When you are done exploring the Marina, escape to the world of serenity and tranquillity at a spa. The spa rooms are well-equipped and maintained to provide you with the utmost relaxation. The masseur is an expert who is trained to loosen your body with the right pressure and stretch. There is a dedicated space for wellness that contains steam room, sauna and thermal pools to provide everything from full body massage to facial. The pampering treatment will keep you ready for more fun. Dubai has a reputation for being extravagant, so splurging out is common. And while thinking of budget activities could be challenging, we have found the  FREE stuff to do:
  • Easen and stretch out with free yoga at Karma Yoga.
  • Bask in the sun at the poolside of Barasti.
  • Check out the unusual street art adorning buildings, parking and pillars at Marina Walk.
So, reserve your time in Dubai for Dubai Marina as it can be one of the memorable things you would do in the city.
Dubai owns a shimmering skyline. And one of the fancy ways to marvel at them is the dhow cruise Dubai. Find out the details here. Dubai is a masterpiece. It has got the spark of a true tourist place which holds the entertainment quotient at the top. It is a city of gastronomy and is also a melting pot of culture. It imbibes the old Arabian culture and also paints the city with cosmopolitan trends. It has mind-blowing architecture and also has glamorous waterways. Binding all the factors into one tight package is the Dhow Cruise Dubai. Branched into two kinds, Dhow Cruise Marina and Dhow Cruise Creek both are unique in its own places.

1.What is dhow?

The traditional selling vessel which once played a crucial role in boosting Dubai’s economy through mandate trade is the dhow cruise. Today, you see transformed and modernised restaurants floating on the river, decorated with lights and styled in vintage. Formerly, in the pre-oil period, this was a part of the pearl farming and fishing in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. They have been brought through generations and constructed in a very manual way, which makes it an exclusive tour. A dhow is divided into two floors. The lower one is the air-conditioned deck that has window glasses and the travellers can sit in luxury glancing at the royal outlook. Or hop on to the upper deck which is open-air and more intimate to the world around. It has a capacity of 200 guests. dhow-cruise

2.Why you should choose the dhow cruise?

Firstly, it is an off-road activity and somewhere we all are excited to be a part of something ‘not ordinary’. It is a beautiful composition of a cruise made out of woods in this such a technologically advanced era. Also, after a long day, shopping around, playing games and going on crazy rides, let the city pamper you in peace. Experience the unmatched hospitality (of what Dubai is famous for) accompanied by enchanting sightseeing. This activity is more like leisure to shed off the stress and end the day on a relaxing note. It was never easy to throw a romantic surprise or celebration before! dubai-dhow-cruise-creek

3.What is the price of a dhow cruise in Dubai?

Dhow cruises are very famous and the price varies according to what kind you select. From royal dhow cruise to half-day dhow cruise, the choices have varying itineraries. There are several other options like birthday celebration on a dhow, or the dhow cruise from Sharjah, of Iftaar Party at Dhow Creek. tanoura-show

Dhow Cruise Itinerary

Dhow usually begins the engine on the time, it can be minutely affected due to weather and in the month of Ramadan. So, reach on the schedule and settle down at your preferred deck.
  • You are bestowed with welcome drinks, coffee, tea, dates and more.
  • As the ship sails, the buffet opens for the people to give a treat to the taste buds. The top chefs prepare the meal and you get customised options of delicacies. It is a 3-course meal cooked under the 5-star hotel standards. To make it an extravaganza affair, you can devour in both the food and views at the comfort of the table, either in the air-conditioned indoor setting or the rooftop dining.
  • While sailing, different old-styled and revolutionary structures deck the fringes of Creek and Marina respectively.
  • Since now you are impressed by the architectural feat of Dubai, it is time to unfold the art side. Spending a few hours on the cruise is full of surprises and entertainment. Revel in the live events of Tanoura, magic show and puppet show. There are also a couple of traditional singing galas that will add to the moment as the smell of spices waft by from the spice souk, or the poised Burj Al Arab makes your jaw drop.

4.Types of Dhow Cruise in Dubai

1.Dubai Cruise Creek

Duration: 2 hours Starting Time : 18:15 Creek has its own charm. Tucked in the old part of Dubai, the region offers you a spectacle of what the emirate looked in the ancient years. The bustling old areas of Deira and Bur Dubai that wings out on either side of the creek are speckled with ancient monuments and shopping areas. There are several very well-preserved heritage buildings that will turn your head again and again. As you reach the location, the river lining the creek is an attractive spot in itself. The dhow manages to leave the first-timers awe-struck and gasped. Set in the boat and as it sails, the chapters of history start unfurling. Some landmarks include-
  • Dubai National Bank
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce
  • Gold & Spice Souks
  • Grand Mosque
  • Old Boat Fort
  • Sheikh Saeed’s house
  • Sheikh Rashid’s birthplace
  • Al Diwan
  • Heritage Village

2.Dubai Cruise Marina

Duration: 3 hours Starting Time : 19:15 Dubai Marina is a posh area and an authentic replication of the innovation and prosperity that the city boasts. Dotted with upscale restaurants, lavish malls, ingenious architecture, high-end apartments, mega-resorts and other luxurious facilities, it is one hell of a tourist place. And the best way to discover everything there is to reserve your dhow cruise in Marina. It is magical in the night and promises to leave a strong impact on your vacation diary. In a Venice-like canal, with an incredible milieu, the dhow leaves the dock from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club. The major places that you get a look through, are-
  • Dubai Marina Residences
  • Villas of the Palm
  • Multiple 5-star hotels
  • Cyan Towers
  • Atlantis Hotel
  • Burj Al Arab Hotel
  • Rolex Twin Towers
  • Dubai Marina Mall
  • Bridges
  • Beach resorts

5.Dhow Cruise Creek Vs Dhow Cruise Marina

It is evident that the Creek is delightful yet has limited attractions on display while Marina is on roll for two miles from the start to the end. It is breathtaking and lets you see the real, present and futuristic Dubai. The ambience is different, on one side where the Creek has the hustle and bustle of ports and trams, the Marina is laid-back, full of fun and enjoyment. Needless to say, the Marina is expensive to that of the Creek. It’s time to select your dhow cruise and unwind in style.
Dubai is the epitome of contemporary and luxury living. The emirate certainly conjures up images of world’s pioneering landmarks, attractions, and standard of living. That means you get to experience the biggest, largest and most expensive things to do on the planet at Dubai.  So, the question that looms in every Dubai visitor’s mind is whether the city is expensive? Would planning a Dubai holiday burn a hole in the pocket. While Dubai offers the finest of services for its luxury clients, in its quest to be an all-round destination, it offers lots of options for budget conscious travelers as well. Here are some doubts that clear the debate on whether Dubai is an affordable destination for budget-conscious visitors.
Dubai is a city that is surely going to surprise you with its incredible beauty. Whether you are travelling alone or you have a companion, Dubai has everything to make you feel relaxed and spend the best time of your life. Known for shopping hub and stunning beaches, a solo female traveler will surely have a gala time. Sky touching skyscrapers, tall buildings, malls, and restaurants are the main tourist attraction of the city. Most of the travellers are confused on whether travelling to Dubai as a woman alone is safe or not. Dubai comes in a Muslim country. You need to follow some rules while visiting Dubai as a woman. In regards of safety, being anywhere in the world, if you are travelling alone, you need to be conscious of surrounding and people around you. Although, it is safe to travel alone in Dubai for a female traveler, just take extra measures to avoid any hassles that might spoil your journey.
A lot can happen in 48 hours. Billion-dollar business deals are signed in 48 hours. Governments topple in a 48 hours. In fact, people even find true love in 48 hours. So, imagine what all you can do with a 48 hours free UAE transit visa. Yes, very soon the government of UAE is going to launch a 48 hour visa that will allow people who have layovers in Dubai or Abu Dhabi to explore the city. Dubai and Abu Dhabi being international hubs see a lot of air traffic. In fact, more 70% people who land here are waiting for connecting flights. There are so many places to visit in 48 hours, and this visa will allow them to explore the cities, and have a wonderful time.

1.New Law to Increase Tourism

UAE is shifting from being an oil based economy to being a trade, retail and tourism based economy. The government is taking many steps to push tourism, and the 48 hours free UAE transit visa is one such important step. This visa is absolutely free, and citizens from most countries would be able to avail it. Furthermore, this visa can be extended up to 96 hours by paying a small fee of just Dh 50. So, this ensures you can pretty much have a short vacation in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and enjoy the plethora of attractions these cities have to offer. This law is due to be passed in the next few weeks. So, you can start planning now if you have an international trip that requires a long layover in UAE.

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2.Places to visit in 48 hours With Free UAE Transit Visa

48 Hours is enough time to catch some of Dubai’s and Abu Dhabi’s best attractions. Here are few attractions that are awesome and can easily be done in a 48 hours. Dhow cruise Dubai to visit in 48 free hour
A Dubai vacation is a dream for many. Not only is Dubai full of wonderful attractions that will leave you mesmerized, the city also imparts on you experiences that you’ll never forget. A floating restaurant in Dubai is one such experience. Imagine dining in the most romantic atmosphere, being served a world-class cuisine, and to further accentuate the whole experience are stunning views that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. That’s what you can expect in a floating restaurant Dubai. Dining in a boat restaurant Dubai is considered one of the top experiences, which has tourists, especially couples, thronging to book a romantic evening. So, it’s time you live out your fairy-tale date. Book this for your special someone and get ready to fall in love all over again.
Dubai has transformed immensely from being an oil-driven economy into a tourist mecca capital of the world. Strategically being located in the center of the world, tourists and visitors often stop over for breaking up their journey into two halves. Many travelers like to explore the best of Dubai but are unable to do so considering they have probably very less time on their hands. If you are in Dubai for 8-10 hours, then move beyond the opulent glamorous shopping malls, awe-inspiring architecture, tall skyscrapers, and head to the world of wanderlust, where you get to experience the real face of Dubai.