Floating Restaurant in Dubai – An Unforgettable Experience That’s Truly Dubai

A Dubai vacation is a dream for many. Not only is Dubai full of wonderful attractions that will leave you mesmerized, the city also imparts on you experiences that you’ll never forget. A floating restaurant in Dubai is one such experience. Imagine dining in the most romantic atmosphere, being served a world-class cuisine, and to further accentuate the whole experience are stunning views that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. That’s what you can expect in a floating restaurant Dubai. Dining in a boat restaurant Dubai is considered one of the top experiences, which has tourists, especially couples, thronging to book a romantic evening. So, it’s time you live out your fairy-tale date. Book this for your special someone and get ready to fall in love all over again.
Sitting Arrangement In Floating Restaurant In Dubai

1.So, how to go about it?

Firstly, you need to know that you have two options on the areas where you can have such an experience. You can choose from floating restaurant Dubai Creek, or floating restaurant Dubai Marina. Both these places are unique and offer different things that appeal to different tastes. So, you need to know what you are going to get when you choose Dubai Creek or the Dubai Marina. If you choose to dine in a dhow floating restaurant in Dubai Marina, you can see some of the most stunning, modern sites of Dubai. The scenery looks like it is straight out of a high budget Hollywood movie about the future.

2.Dubai Marina

Floating Restaurant View of Dubai Marina
The Dubai Marina is a prime location where all the rich and famous people of Dubai have a permanent address. Therefore, on the floating restaurant dhow cruise you can catch views of some of the most unique landmarks and skyscrapers that are along the Dubai Marina. Speaking of landmarks, what better than the Burj Khalifa. Yes, you can see the world’s tallest building on your floating restaurant in Dubai Marina tour. Though, you may have seen the building before. You may have even seen it from the inside, but nothing compares to viewing it, fully lit up from the dinner cruise. It all looks very impressive, and to further the beauty of the evening, you will be with people that you love. This is the advantage of Dubai Marina. Another wonderful sight you see on the cruise is the Dubai Mall. The world’s largest mall is an impressive structure from end to end. Housing more than 1200 stores, and multiple fun and entertainment zones, the Dubai Mall is impressive as it gets. It is also well-lit from the outside, and looks just as beautiful as the inside. Finally, probably the most impressive sight from the floating restaurant Dubai Marina is the Palm Islands. You may already know that the Palm Islands are the world’s largest set of man-made islands that are being made on reclaimed land. Comprising of Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Deira Island, the Palm Islands are in the shape of Palm Trees and the World. Currently, only the Palm Jumeirah is ready, while the others are still under construction. However, they still make an impressive sight and you can see them on your floating restaurant dinner date. Just imagine, your dhow cruising by, and your eyes are dazzled by the glamour of the islands. It is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your whole Dubai trip. This is what the Dubai Marina has to offer to people who choose to dine in the floating restaurants of the Marina. But don’t write off the Dubai Creek just yet. This place also has its own charm and advantages that also make for an interesting floating restaurant experience.

3.Dubai Creek

Floating Restaurant View In Dubai Creek
Floating Restaurant View In Dubai Creek
This is the place where you can see the old Dubai. Today, the whole world is in love with new Dubai, and have extensively seen it, but the old Dubai still has its charm. Before the oil boom, Dubai was famous for pearls, spice trade and fishing. Many people are still curious about this side of Dubai, and take the floating restaurant Dubai Creek cruise just to experience this. First thing you will notice are the traditional boats that are running through the creek. You will see many dhows, much like the one you are cruising in, and the smaller Abra’s. These boats were once used for fishing and pearl diving in the region, but they were replaced by modern boats. However, many have salvaged them and continue to use them as water taxis. The Dubai Creek is full of such water taxis, and it’s quite fun seeing them zip about in the water. You also get to see old buildings, houses and souks. Almost like a time capsule. However, there are some awesome new buildings coming up that have spruced up the view. This the advantage Dubai Creek has that you’ll feel like you are taking a cruise through history.


Now, here’s something that will delight you. You can enjoy this experience and save considerable money with floating restaurant Dubai deals. Just a simple online search will help you locate awesome deals for you to enjoy the floating restaurant experience. There many wonderful deals to choose from, including combo deals. So, it’s best if you also find deals that include other fun tour packages. However, monetary discounts deals are also quite good. Also, make sure to read up on reviews.


Aisha Floating Restaurant In Dubai
Aisha Floating Restaurant In Dubai
Aisha Floating Restaurant Dubai is the most popular of all the floating restaurant cruises. They serve an international cuisine in a buffet style, and you are also treated to entertainment, live music and more. However, Al Khaleej is rising through the ranks of popularity and may soon become no 1. They also serve a similar type experience if not better. You will surely enjoy floating restaurant Dubai experience with them. The third option worth considering is the Al Jawhara Floating Restaurant. They also have floating suites where you can stay. Now that’s luxury only Dubai can provide you.
Live Entertainment In Floating restaurant In Dubai
So, when you are planning a trip to Dubai, be sure to book an evening in a floating restaurant in Dubai. You will never ever forget this whole experience. The Floating Restaurant Dubai as concept imparts all that Dubai is famous for – luxury, comfort, romance, and adventure. So, make sure you hop onto a boat restaurant Dubai, and have an unforgettable time.

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